Tree of Life

If you want a hardcopy of this poster, you can either (1) download the PDF file here for free and take it to a print shop (Kinkos will work) and get it printed as a large poster (it prints 24″ x 48″), or (2) buy it online at (click here to jump to the poster).

The words in the image above may look a bit blurry because this web page is displaying a compressed JPEG image on this web site (to improve download time). If you make a print from the PDF file (or zazzle) all the words and lines will be crisp and clear.

I created the poster with the Xara Xtreme drawing program.

Keywords: Tree of Life, evolution, cladogram, cladistics, darwin, phylogenetic tree, phylogenetics, evolutionary tree, darwin, poster.

The primary sources for this illustration are:

Permission to copy and modify this illustration is given under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License ( To paraphrase that license: you must keep my name in any derived documents you create; you cannot sell your derivative work commercially; and any derivative copies you create must be distributed with the same CC-by-nc-sa license.



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Tree of Life

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