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DiskZoom is a simple utility program that displays the contents of your computer’s disks, so you can quickly and easily identify the largest files and folders.

It is most useful when your disk fills up, and you want to delete some large, obsolete files, but you need help identifying which files should be deleted.  Usually you know you’ve got lots of old, junk files laying around .. but you can’t remember where.   DiskZoom won’t tell you if the files are worthless or not, but it does let you find the biggest files, fast.

The unique feature about DiskZoom is that you can quickly zoom in and out of your folder tree, so you can readily identify the big folders, so they can be cleaned up.

Click here to download version 1.5.2 of DiskZoom:    DOWNLOAD   If you are worried about viruses or malware, you can download it from (click here)  where its been scanned for malware.  Here is what it looks like:

DiskZoom runs on Windows (XP, Vista, ME, etc) but does not run on Mac.

It is free-of-charge.  It has no warranty, and the developer is not liable for any damages, direct or consequential.

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Revision history:

  • v1.5 – Added contextual menu (right mouse click) to files, same as you get in Windows Explorer
  • v1.4 – Added Browse capability to scan a single folder, so you dont have to scan a full disk drive
  • v1.3 – Improved the toolbar icons
  • v1.2 – Made re-scanning a drive faster (after you delete a folder, for example).
  • v1.1 – Sort folders based on size
  • v1.0 – Initial release


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Download DiskZoom

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